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Cookie Policy

Cookie policy :

Like many websites, we use cookies. These small data files drop onto your computer or browser or
mobile device when you visit a website. They give us a record of how you engage with our website,
helping us to run and improve it, and allow us to gather information.

Which cookies do we use?

We use both ‘first-party cookies’ and ‘third-party cookies’. First-party cookies are set by us and we use
them and the data that they gather and generate for our own purposes. Third-party cookies are set by
other websites that are connected to our website, for example a social network whose share buttons we
display (such as Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest and Twitter). These third parties can recognise your
computer or device both when you visit our website and elsewhere on the internet.

Why do we use cookies?

We use first-party and third-party cookies for several reasons.
Firstly, we need some cookies to run our website; we call these ‘essential’ or ‘strictly necessary’
cookies. Other cookies let us, and the third parties we work with, understand your preferences when
you visit our website; we call these ‘performance’ or ‘functionality’ cookies. For example, we use cookies
to help us display the most relevant content when you browse our website. Finally, sometimes we allow
third parties to drop cookies onto our website for other reasons, such as to advertise or gather

Keeping our cookie statement up to date :

We might update our cookie statement from time to time to keep you informed if we decide to use
cookies differently for any particular reason.