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Quality time with Family in Norway

As frequent travellers for both business and leisure, WWW has customised our trips to Turkey, Bhutan, South Africa and Greece over the past many years. We were looking at Norway for our next family trip, a bit dubious about this remote and off-beat destination to holiday in, especially with our teenage children and mother-in-law. WWW’s extensive research for our trip allowed us to feel comfortable and finalise a 12 day self-drive holiday in the Nordic country. Starting our trip driving from Geilo and driving through Voss, Bergen, Jotunheimen national park, Geiranger, Lillehammer we traversed across most parts of the country before arriving at Oslo for our return flight. The arctic landscape driving experience through the Hallingdal Valley, seeing the beautiful forested dales, the Hardangervidda National Park, the narrow Mabodalen valley as well as walking through the quaint towns and taking the boat tours through many of the country’s spectacular fjords, the Galdhapiggen Summer ski center at the Jotunheimen National Park all combined to make our trip truly memorable. The best part of this trip also, was that we could spend quality time together as a family and experience another exciting destination in a unique manner. The way our entire itinerary was detailed by WWW ensured a balanced mix of leisure and excitement ensuring that all 3 generations of our group experienced and thoroughly enjoyed the trip in their own unique way.

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