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Iceland with Friends

Having approached WWW over the past couple of years for guidance on our tours to various destinations across the world and quite impressed with their specific and clear recommendations, we decided to let WWW to customise our trip to Iceland and Scotland. Being ardent travellers we wanted a unique trip in terms of destinations covered as well as the overall experience.

Being in our 60’s we did not want the itinerary to be too stressed, yet we did not want to come back without traversing this unique country extensively. The itinerary finalized by WWW in close consultations with our group was comprehensive as well as not too stressful. Using Reykjavik as a ‘home base’, we did day trips for seeing the famed Northern Lights, whale watching and the Golden circle tour thereby enabling us to see the Icelandic landscape to the fullest. Mixing up a part of the itinerary as a ‘self-drive’ option while taking private tours for the other part made sure we experienced Iceland in a unique way. The private tours to see the huge hump-back whales, an array of arctic birds including the puffins & the tern as well the surreal ‘Aurora Borealis’ right from near Reykyavik itself and the once in a lifetime experience of hiking inside some of the largest man-made ice caverns in the Langjokull glacier ensured that we had an unforgettable experience on our tour. WWW was also planning our trip to Botswana in April, 2020 which unfortunately had to be postponed on account of the pandemic.

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